ReSOURCE's Impact in Tanzania

Donated ReSOURCE Laptop Comupters in Tanzania

Upendo Mmoja (One Love) is a non-profit organization that was founded in March 2012 by Nicole DiDomenico and Maria Mgova; the organization was created to help the families, farms, and futures of the Upendo group in Pommerin, Tanzania. The organization has worked towards this mission by assisting the Upendo group in raising startup funds to establish and sustain an orphanage in their village. They wish to establish this orphanage as a place where they can teach children with no parents, and no means to get formal education, skills that they can use to earn a living as adults.

This past summer ReSOURCE donated laptops to the organization for the children to use as they learn basic computer skills. Before they were sent to Tanzania, the computers were loaded full of simple math and English lessons for the students to use once they arrived. Nicole DiDomenico, the Co-Founder and Board Chair of the Organization, said that the kids are really loving learning about and from computers. “Computers are totally new to them – most had never even seen a computer before this!”

Check out the amazing work Upendo Mmoja is doing on their website and like their facebook page to keep updated with all their progress and stories as they work to finish their Residential and Vocational Center.