The 2015 Art Hop Weekend

Volunteers, staff, and board members prepared all day to transform our Burlington ReSOURCE location into a carnival wonderland filled with games, fun, and laughter for the 23rd Annual South End Art Hop. Our store looked great! Our staff did a great job staging the shop and greeting all the new and returning customers who came through the "Art Tunnel" from the Soda Plant. The Waste-Not-Products shop had a good turnout on both sides of the street with many stopping to marvel at the beautiful upcycled pieces.

As always, ReSOURCE ReUSE Mini-Golf and the Conant Metal High Striker drew thousands of people in from the street on Friday night and raised a few hundred dollars in donations all benefiting ReSOURCE's mission. Art Hop is definitely one of the great South End traditions; the sidewalks were full all weekend. ReSOURCE was delighted to be a Family-Friendly site for all to enjoy!

Thanks to all who worked and volunteered for the event: Victoria A., Curtis, Steve, Tom, Victoria M., Jessica, Abby, Bill, Evan and Harwood friends, Jake, Antoinette, Alex, Jill, Max, Ali, Noah, Volunteers from Champlain College, Muralists from Burlington College, and anyone else who helped to create this wonderful weekend!