Recycling Services

Universal Recycling:
Press Conference at ReSOURCE

ReSOURCE hosted the VT Agency of Natural Resource's June 26th press conference to discuss Act 148, the Universal Recycling and Composting Law.

On July 1st, 2015, Act 148 will require all recyclables to be appropriately recycled including plastics, glass jars and bottles, aluminum and steel cans, aluminum foil, cardboard, mixed paper, and newspaper.

Deb Markowitz, the secretary of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources spoke at the beginning of the conference. She stated, “as of July 1st, recycling services will be offered by waste haulers around the state... ...Every time you have an opportunity to throw trash away, you have an opportunity to recycle.” ReSOURCE is eager to continue our environmental stewardship through reusing and upcycling goods, therefore reducing the amount of usable materials going into the landfill. ReSOURCE diverts over 1,000 tons of material from the landfill each year; we're eager to see the positive effect of Act 148 throughout the state.

Speaking in support of Act 148, Tom Longstreth, ReSOURCE's Executive Director, stressed recycling as the cornerstone of ReSOURCE operations. Our Deconstruction crew soft strips, deconstructs, and salvages usable building materials from demolition projects that likely would have gone straight to the landfill. This material is brought back to ReSOURCE to either sell back to community members at an affordable price, or to be used by our YouthBuild students to rehab, build, and weatherize affordable housing, all while these students work toward their high school degree. All of ReSOURCE's programs are informed by environmental stewardship; this is one example of the many ways ReSOURCE reduces waste to create more opportunity for Vermonters.

Thank you to everyone that came out in support of Act 148, including all the speakers at the press conference, including Chittenden Solid Waste Management, Vermont National Guard, and Burton.