Join the Solar Movement with ReSOURCE YouthBuild

Join the Solar Movement with ReSOURCE YouthBuild!


A recent Rutland Herald Article highlighted the rising number of solar-technology related jobs in Vermont, illuminating the growing demand for solar installations in the state. Last year over 1,500 men and women were employed in the field of solar technology in Vermont alone - and that number is steadily growing.


YouthBuild, a 10-month program of of ReSOURCE that trains young men and women who have dropped out of high school in construction and general job skills, is committed to help grow this workforce even further. By installing solar panels and being trained in this up-and-coming construction trade, YouthBuilders are able to continue their passion for serving their community and the environment in careers that offer pay well above the minimum wage.


Currently, our YouthBuild students complete solar installations using equipment from Sunward Solar, a Shelburne solar energy equipment supplier. Though Sunward has recently closed its doors, ReSOURCE YouthBuild is continuing to work with suppliers to lighten Vermont’s carbon footprint. Since 2011, our YouthBuild students have completed 68 solar installations, and this number will continue to grow.