Give Upcycled Gifts this Holiday Season!

Give Upcycled Gifts this Holiday Season!

This holiday season, instead of fighting the crowds at the malls on Black Friday or maxing out your credit cards on Cyber Monday, how about going easy on the environment (not to mention your sanity and wallet) by Upcycling?

Upcycling is turning ordinary, unwanted, and discarded items into functional goods or works of art. And your best place to start is at any of our ReSOURCE stores in Burlington, Barre, or Morrisville.

The easiest way to give upcycled gifts would be to shop for some of our WasteNotProducts, made in our own workshop in Burlington. Each of our stores has a selection, or you can view available items:

and shop online:

Desks, Chairs, Tables, Lamps made from old electronics, Earrings made from super 8 movies, Coasters, Baby Rattles, Cutting Boards, and so much more!

Or make your own Upcycled gift! Find the material at our Household Goods and Building Materials Stores to design your own creations. How about planters made from old books? Or a mosaic made from broken Pottery? You could make candles in old coffee mugs, or a bench from an old bed frame. Come in to see what we have and put your imagination to work.

However you do it, consider Upcycled gifts this year.