EGP Success Stories – Testimonials from fellow nonprofits

EGP Success Stories – Testimonials from Fellow Nonprofits

ReSOURCE has been working with regional nonprofit partners for years in distributing our vouchers for the Essential Goods Program. We now work with 34 organizations in Chittenden, Addison, Franklin, Lamoille, and Washington counties to distribute needed goods to individuals and families who cannot afford them. In 2014, ReSOURCE will give away $150,000 in Essential Goods.

Karen Haury, Director of Addison Community Action says,
“We work to assist homeless families find and maintain safe & affordable housing. The ReSOURCE voucher program has allowed us to assist many of these families obtain common household goods that many of us take for granted. We had one woman who had not had stable, safe housing for over ten years. She couch surfed whenever she could. We were able to help her find housing and the ReSOURCE voucher program was able to assist her in setting up her new apartment. I noticed that the voucher was redeemed the day after I issued it. That shows how excited she was to have the voucher.”

Erin Ahearn, Homeless Healthcare Program Manager at Safe Harbor Health Center, stated,
“The Essential Goods Program has been literally an essential part of the work we do…with the help of ReSOURCE and the EGP, people are not only able to be housed, they are able to turn their housing into homes, and for that we are all truly grateful. Because of ReSOURCE, 11 people in 9 households are sleeping in a bed this year—meaning they are no longer on the ground, in a tent, a shelter, or on someone’s couch. The ability to cook in one’s own kitchen with gently used pots and pans, tableware, and dishes has become a reality. Clothes have been taken out of backpacks and placed in dresser drawers due to the Essential Goods Program. People sit down at a table to eat meals and socialize with family and friends due to this wonderful program.”

Melissa Farr, Services Program Director at Vermont Cares agrees,
“The vouchers have helped our clients create a home which a few have never had, given their experiences prior to receiving our services and housing.”

We at ReSOURCE are grateful to ALL of our nonprofit partners for helping us administer the Essential Goods Program.