ReSOURCE is Now a Dealer and Installer for Advanced Energy Panels

ReSOURCE is Now a Dealer and Installer for Advanced Energy Panels

Save money and stay warmer this winter with Advanced Energy Panels on your windows, provided and installed by the crew at ReSOURCE.


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What are Advanced Energy Panels?

Advanced Energy Panels (AEPs) are a retrofit for historic windows or any window you do not want to replace. They are interior window insulating panels and can be installed in any building –office, home or industrial. AEPs have a higher insulation and air sealing rating and provide greater comfort than most replacement windows, yet they are a fraction of the cost. AEPs are custom made to fit over existing openings, protecting, preserving and improving your existing windows.

AEPs are the most practical, durable, affordable and cost effective option available for improving the energy efficiency and winter comfort of your existing windows. They are quick and easy to install & remove and can be reused year after year.

Why Glazing Film?

Most people don't realize that our glazing material isn't glass until they touch it. Surprised, their first question is always, "Is that strong enough?" Yes! We even successfully tested it at a batting cage, subjecting it to the force of 60 mph baseballs. Glazing film cleans as easily as glass but is better in many ways. This makes Advanced Energy Panels:
   - Stronger
   - Lighter
   - Safer
   - A Better Insulator
   - Easier to Repair
   - Much Less Expesnive

Call Jeff Schake, ReSOURCE Building Materials and Deconstruction Manager, for more information, or stop in to either Burlington store for a demonstration.