Burlington High-Tech Business Got its Start with Help from ReSOURCE

Burlington High-Tech Business Got its Start with Help from ReSOURCE

Precision Bioassay, Inc. is a small, growing statistical consulting and software development company, specializing in statistical methods for biological assays (assessments) of pharmaceutical proteins and vaccines.

David Lansky founded Precision Bioassay in the spring 2002. “I thought I wanted to quit my job (as a statistician, telecommuting full time),” says David, “and become an independent consultant, but I wanted a way to try it out without investing a lot of time or funds.”

In pioneering start-up fashion, David tested the waters using open-sourced software and a refurbished computer purchased for $200 at ReSOURCE.

A few successful consulting projects gave David the confidence to pursue this new business full time by the fall of the same year. Precision Bioassay is now located on Pine Street in Burlington; their projects range from statistical work for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to projects with the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation. Recently, Precision Bioassay turned to ReSOURCE for IT material again – this time, to give a used server a second life.

By using IT materials from ReSOURCE, David was able to start and expand his business with small upfront cost, utilize materials refurbished by our Computer Systems Technology Apprentice Style Trainees, and support ReSOURCE’s mission to help meet the needs of individual Vermonters through education and job skills training, environmental stewardship, and economic opportunities.